I feel we have a responsibility to each other:

I will teach you the art of playing the cello to the best of my abilities and I expect you to put forth your best efforts in practicing and in learning the cello. Attending concerts and listening to classical music recordings is very beneficial, ask me for suggestions. Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons.

The cost is:
30 minute lesson each week, $105/month
45 minute lesson each week, $145/month
60 minute lesson each week, $165/month

as a flat rate, paid at the beginning of each month, from September through May. If I am absent, I will try to make up the lesson that month. We take off 2 weeks in December, the week of Thanksgiving, and one week for Spring Vacation. When I have 2 or more students, Ensemble classes will be held every other month on a Saturday from 10am-noon at my house at a cost of $20.

All students are expected to play in a recital held probably the first Sunday in June, 2012. If you need a pianist to accompany you, I will provide him or her for a cost to you of approximately $50 for one rehearsal and the performance.

At an agreed upon date in May students are expected to play in an audition where you will play 2 scales, 2 arpeggios, an etude and a solo piece. I will hire a cello teacher to evaluate each student at a cost of $35. per student. Each cellist will receive a certificate showing completion.

During the year there are many opportunities to perform in other recitals, Master Classes, auditions and competitions. I will let you know of these opportunities.

A few suggestions on practicing:

  1. Try to plan a time each day during which you will practice the cello spending enough time to complete your assignment.
  2. Set aside the same or another time to work on the written theory lesson for the week.
  3. Ask your parents to help you in consistently completing your assignment.

Best of luck on a challenging but rewarding journey.

Necessary Cello Supplies

  • Rockstop, round rubber endpin holder. I like the "Black Hole."
  • Tourte, two hole mute
  • rosin, Hidersine or other dark rosin in round form
  • metronome, wind up or electric
  • folding music stand
  • extra set of strings: Super sensitive red label (A,D,G,C) (least expensive) or Jarguar (A & D) and Dr. Thomastik-spirocore (G & C). Also I am now using Helicore (all four) strings by A'ddario.

For further information, please contact Priscilla at phawkins@dcn.org.

Teaching Testimonials

"You have been a huge positive force in the Sacramento region, personally and as a cello teacher"- Andy Luchansky, cello Professor at Sacramento State

"I'm very fortune to have you as my cello teacher. I will never forget camping at Mono Lake. You taught me a lot of music the one year I was in Davis, and I will continue playing cello when I return to Korea"- Yoonjae Kim

"Thank you for giving my experience with cello a unique flare with our improv. ensemble classes and performances"-Aggie Tang

"Your cello teachings are not only applicable to music, but also to life"- Michaela Ma

"Thank you for being a talented, patient, large-hearted, creative person. You have taught me more than just cello playing."- Mary Ann Nelson

"You have given me so much more knowledge about the cello, and I wish you could stay in Davis so I could continue learning. I know we will all miss you!"-Amie Baek